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tv   Washington This Week  CSPAN  April 27, 2014 7:51pm-8:01pm EDT

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my kid can sit and play forever look at his computer or he can play with his friends. we got to figure out back to the same things that allowed us to break free which is that local community that you're connected to that's willing to fight. they were willing to do that to have a community to do what they wanted. that's where we have to go to solve it. >> thank you guys so much. that was fascinating. you are interested, you should join forward. our volunteers and staff are at the entrance. $35 a year to become a member. you will also get a copy of andrew's book. we're going to be -- if you have
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thoughts on future topics you like us to put discussions around, we're all ears. our goal here is to have serious thoughtful conversations about some of these big topics. i think this is a really awesome conversation. thank you everybody for coming. hope to see you again soon. >> on the next "washington journal" a reporter's roundtable on the week ahead in congress. with correspondent jeff mason. and frank buckley author of the "once and future king" the rise and fall of crown government. we'll take your calls and you can join the conversation on facebook and twit. "washington journal" live at
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7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. >> the house and senate return from recess on monday. we join by billy house of national journal. the house getting to work almost right away on a couple of fiscal year 2515 appropriation -- 2015 appropriations bill. in that is an extension of pay freeze. do you expect to hear any opposition. >> there has been some lonely voices who say it's time. lord help them. maybe it's time to alter that. this is an midterm election year. one of the odd positions that a lot of members might take on campaign trail is they need more money. >> one of the pieces in the past week was headlined in the
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national journal. house republicans see opportunity in appropriations bill about some of the possibilities of adding policy writers to the spending bills. >> the top line spending levels will be set. color battles to be fought within the appropriations bills themselves. they are done every year. they are called policy writers. they technically temporary one year pieces of language that limit the administration from spending money on specific things. for instance, lawmakers in a recent memo chief deputy with peter of illinois in the house, blocking such things as funding for some abortion programs.
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the blocking united nations funding, you know, keeping epa regulations from extending as far as they were intended. even not funding some environmental positions. these go both sides of the aisles. >> the other fiscal year spending bill 2015 will see in the house in the coming week, it deals with the military construction programs. any roadblock or big issues expected to come up? >> the criminal justice one will be the third. on friday afternoon we received copy of an internal memo that majority leader eric cantor laid out for the spring. to the point that you're making, these first three bills are the
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three most least controversial bills. therefore, they are being taken up. there's little desire, really, from lot of lawmaker, this election year to wrestle with some of the thorny issues such as health and human services, homeland security issues and that sort of thing. what's more likely to happen is they will do a handful of these bills and some time this summer agree that perhaps we should forward them into a continuing resolution that would allow existing funding levels to continue past the election. >> what are the nonspending bills that's coming up in the house. but actually came up a couple of week ago. this bill by john carney that deals with piece of the healthcare law. why was it defeated and coming
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up again? >> there long been in this session and previous sessions questions about the ability of the house republicans. as part of that expedite process, the rule is you got to get two-thirds of the lawmakers voting to approve it. this bill got parent approval but did not reach the two-thirds. a clearly missed calculation on the part of the republicans. they're coming back to the well to put it on the regular process. it likely will pass this time. this is another example how sometimes you scratch your head wondering who's counting votes over there on the house republican side. >> let's turn to the senate.
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harry reid tweeted about the minimum wage. he said when the senate returns, elook forward to a debate on raising the minimum wage. what's the status on that? are we likely to see a debate on it? >> you'll see debate. democratic leaders have been promising for months they'll bring this to the floor. but wednesday's procedural vote is still not expected to win the 60 vote needed to advance the bill. i guess in terms of the election year politics for both sides, the republicans it's a aim at driving democratic voting to the poll. >> billy house is congressional leader correspondent for national journal. follow his -- thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> israel has suspended negotiations with the palestinians after an agreement reached bethe palestinian
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authority what what -- hamas. we'll have live coverage 8:30 a.m. eastern on c-span 2. >> for over 35 years, c-span brings public affairs events from washington, directly to you. putting you in the room at congressional hearings, white house events, briefings and conferences all of the public service of private industry. we're c-span created by the cable tv industry 35 years ago and brought to you as a public service by your local cable and satellite provider.
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program, held at the renaissance hotel in washington dc. >> tell me your name, where you are from, and what his group is all about. >> my name is catherine and i am from the state of michigan. we are at the 2014 u.s. senate youth


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